Pre-school Cheer

Pre-school Cheer: Our Pre-school cheerleaders will love making friends and learning the fundamentals of cheerleading and cheer tumbling in this fun and interactive class. Using colorful cues and encouraging feedback, our instructors will train the Cheer Bebe’s in motion technique, jumps, dance, tumbling and cheering.

Cheer Tech

Cheer Tech: 45 minutes a week of exciting cheer motion, jumps, stunt & skill technique! Learn to sharpen your motions, train proper voice projection, take your jumps to the next level, and master dances and cheers that will prepare you for your future in cheerleading.

Cheer & Tumble Duo

Cheer & Tumble Duo: 15 minutes of cheer, 45 minutes of tumbling= 1 hour of Next Level training! This class will focus on cheer tech, jumps, skill incorporation and tumbling. No need to pick just one class, now you can have both for the price of one!

Flyer Boot Camp

Flyer Boot Camp: Learn to stunt, or take your stunting to the next level with hands on stretching, balance and coordination! Instructors are hands on spotting and stunting with you as you go through the proper progressions and increase your stunting abilities and hone your instincts as a flyer.