Get Fit While Having Fun!

Start your tumbling journey with the most precision form and technique training available. Modern tumbling drills and skill perfection are what you can expect here. No standing in line waiting for your turn! From the moment you set foot on the mat, you will be working and progressing your skills with instructors that will encourage you and guide you to the Next Level on your path to greatness! Classes are small with a 9:1 student to teacher ratio, so you are guaranteed one on one instruction.

Level 1 Tumbling

During our Level 1 Tumbling class, your child will learn the fundamentals of tumbling. We'll focus on the foundations to include building his or her flexibility, working on drills and spotting skills. During this class, we'll focus on forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs and limber skills. We'll also focus on building fitness and flexibility. Our phenomenal coaching staff will use positive feedback to encourage our athletes grow.

Level 2 Tumbling

Ready to connect your skills? Level up and get those front and back handsprings perfected and performance ready! You must qualify for this class with a perfected handstand, cartwheel, round off, front and back walkovers and standing back handspring on equipment or lightly spotted. We will use drills and spotted skills to work both as a class and one-on-one with each athlete to ensure adequate progression and perfection of each skill.

Advanced Tumbling

You've mastered the series back handsprings and can connect multiple front and back skills. It's time to get flipping without using your hands! Continuing with our tried and true process of mastering drills, you'll work on everything you need to gain tucks, whips, layouts, fulls, arabians and more. No matter what higher level tumbling skill you're pursuing, our experienced and qualified instructors will help you get there.

Level 3 Tumbling Note: You MUST have a perfected round off back handspring series without the need for equipment or spotting. This class is a Next Level exclusive and you will be evaluated by a qualified Next Level Instructor before being admitted.