Next Level Cheer

The Fun of Sideline Cheer

Next Level Sideline Cheerleading is a recreational cheer program that we host in affiliation with Football N America, the Flag football league hosted by Youngsville Sports Complex. For $150, participants will receive a Next Level Cheer uniform and be assigned to an appropriately aged team (OR select the age/team that their sibling plays on for FNA). Coaches and participants will attend a training camp at Next Level Athletics once teams are assigned. There, the campers will receive their uniforms and learn all the material they will need for cheering at FNA league games. Coaches will receive safety and rules training in accordance with USA Cheer rules and regulations. Teams will have assigned practice times on weekends at Next Level Athletics during the football season.

YSC will be on Monday & Friday evenings. If we do not need to split the days, all games will be moved to Friday’s.

Football Registration ends: August 16th

Cheer Registration ends: September 12th

Football Teams will be formed: August 18-24th

Cheer Teams will be formed: September 12th

Football First official practices: August 31st

Cheer First official practices: September 5th

First Games: Monday, September 14th and Friday, September 18th

*Make up games will be done on the same day the following week, this may cause double headers. We will determine which games or parts of games we will cheer at beforehand in these situations. 

Last Games: Monday, November 2nd and Friday, November 6th

End of Season Tournament: November, 20th-22nd *Be ready for a kick off pep rally performance at the Tournament

There will be a battle of Acadiana for the champions of each Acadiana League held at Cajun Field: TBA

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